Authorities should work together to resolve illegal m-cycle parking

I live next to a futsal court in Hougang. When there is a futsal match during weekends, there will be many motorcycles parked illegally along the roadside kerb.

Recently, a camera was introduced and these motorcycles moved to park illegally inside the nearby multi-storey carpark.

Last month, I saw a parking attendant in the multi-storey carpark chase all the owners of the illegally parked motorcycles from the carpark into the void deck area, resulting in all the motorcycles parking at the void deck area.

When I approached the parking attendant, he brushed me off by saying that the area under the void deck was not under his jurisdiction; it is under the purview of the town council.

When I called the HDB hotline, I realised that my town council does not have its own enforcement team, hence, no one had the power to stop the motorcycles from parking illegally at my block's void deck.

For areas without an enforcement team, the HDB and town council should work together to curb illegal parking.

In addition, to cater to the high number of motorcycles during futsal matches, the HDB should consider giving them proper parking spaces.

The nearby multi-storey carpark has a high surplus of unused season parking spaces during the weekend.

The HDB should consider working out a plan to use these surplus parking spaces to ease the motorcycle parking congestion during futsal matches.

Cynthia Lim Ching Siew (Ms)