Curb waste-generating habits

I strongly agree with Madam Wong Siew Kwun that Singapore companies should charge for plastic bags (Firm action needed to reduce use of plastic bags; Sept 26).

This is about changing the behaviour of the consumer to control the use of plastic bags.

Ikea has been imposing a charge on plastic bags, a move that has drastically cut the number of bags used.

The Government should raise public awareness on the importance of using fewer plastic bags, and encourage companies to reuse, recycle and generate less packaging.

If people really care about the planet and the future of our children, what has to change is unnecessary waste-generating habits.

At eateries, use your own containers instead of taking away food in disposable packs.

Take along reusable bags for shopping and stop using plastic bags everywhere you go.

These actions require little effort but make all the difference.

The Government must also set tangible targets to cut plastic bag use.

Loong Chik Tong

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