Booklets produced to reach non-tech savvy members


We thank Mr Khong Kiong Seng for his letter (CPF survey booklet sheer waste of paper; Jan 11).

As part of the CPF Board's efforts to enhance our member services, we carry out an annual survey to gather feedback from members on our service channels and delivery.

Respondents are given the option of completing the survey either online or via hard-copy booklets.

In consideration of our diverse population, the survey booklets are mailed out to facilitate participation by members who may not be digitally savvy or do not have access to the Internet.

About half of the members who responded to the survey in the past two years have made use of such booklets.

Such an approach ensures that the survey findings are more representative and not biased towards those who submit their responses online.

We thank Mr Khong for his feedback and will look into more environmentally-friendly ways to conduct the survey while encouraging participation from across our diverse population.

Irene Kang (Ms)

Group Director (Communications)

Central Provident Fund Board