CPF survey booklet sheer waste of paper

When deforestation is a contributing factor to climate change and there is much talk about ways and means of cutting down paper wastage, it is disheartening to receive a 20-page booklet from a government agency in the mailbox.

I do not understand the logic behind the Central Provident Fund's (CPF) A4-size survey booklet, when such a survey could very easily be done online. Even the cover letter on the CPF booklet says as much.

Why then is it necessary to have the print version?

How many will actually take up a pen, complete the 58 questions, (many of them open-ended), slot the completed booklet into the envelope provided, seal it, walk to a post box and mail it?

I doubt many will and I am sure many of these booklets are headed for the trash bin.

Putting aside the drive to go green, how much time and money was spent on producing these booklets, which could have been spent more wisely elsewhere?

Khong Kiong Seng