Be open to seniors looking for love

I share Mr Kang Choon Tian's sentiments on being open to dating agencies and marriage ("S'poreans must change mindset about organised dating"; March 19).

Dating should not be just for the young, but also for those who are divorced or have lost their spouses, because finding true love again is good for the soul.

In Western countries, marrying at a later age is nothing out of the ordinary. However, many Asians find it unacceptable. Thus, mindsets on this issue need to change.

When a person feels socially isolated, he may develop feelings of loneliness, social anxiety and helplessness, which may cause depression and, in the worst-case scenario, lead to suicide.

Given that many of our seniors contributed to Singapore's vibrant economy during their younger days, let us value them and make it acceptable for them to get hitched and find happiness.

Raymond Anthony Fernando