World Briefs: US Army deserter may get life term

US Army deserter may get life term

CHICAGO • The sentencing hearing for US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who could go to prison for life for deserting his duties in Afghanistan in June 2009 and endangering the lives of fellow troops, will begin tomorrow after it was postponed yesterday.

The hearing is expected to include testimony from soldiers injured in the dangerous search for him. He was captured by the Taleban and released in 2014.


Top journalist stabbed at Moscow radio station

MOSCOW • An assailant stabbed a senior editor at Russia's Echo of Moscow radio in a brazen break-in and attack at one of Russia's most prominent and politically outspoken talk stations.

Deputy editor-in-chief Tanya Felgengauer was hospitalised yesterday with wounds to her neck and arms. A photo of the assailant on social media showed a middle-aged man in dark clothing sitting handcuffed in an office chair.


Sierra Leone to auction 709-carat diamond

RAMAT GAN (Israel) • Sierra Leone hopes to raise millions of dollars for development projects by auctioning a huge uncut diamond, believed to be one of the world's largest, in New York in December.

The government rejected the highest bid of US$7.8 million (S$10.6 million) for the 709-carat gem, known as the "Peace Diamond", at an initial auction in New York in May. Over half of the proceeds from the sale will be used to fund clean water, electricity, education and health projects in Sierra Leone.


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