World Briefs: Typhoon Soudelor now strongest storm this year

Typhoon Soudelor now strongest storm this year

WASHINGTON • Two people were killed and 15 injured when a circus tent collapsed at a carnival in New Hampshire.

The collapse occurred as a severe storm hit the city of Lancaster in the north-eastern US state on Monday, and just as 250 people inside the tent were watching a show begin.


Two killed, 15 wounded as circus tent collapses

SYDNEY • Up to 70 rotting crocodile heads have been found in an old freezer dumped at a remote Australian town.

Teenagers following a bad smell made the find behind shops at Humpty Doo, 40km outside Darwin, on Sunday.

It is not clear why the crocodile heads had been severed but the skin of the protected species is highly prized.

No one has been arrested but anyone convicted of killing protected wildlife faces a fine of up to A$76,500 (S$78,000) or five years in jail.


70 crocodile heads found in freezer in Australia

HAGATNA (Guam) • Super Typhoon Soudelor developed into the world's most powerful storm this year as it took aim yesterday at Japan, Taiwan and China, after battering the Northern Marianas.

The storm roaring across the western Pacific Ocean with wind gusts of up to 354 kmh is rated a maximum category five typhoon. No deaths have been attributed to Soudelor, but nearly 400 people took refuge in Northern Marianas emergency shelters after it ripped roofs off houses and left residents without power, water and wastewater services.


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