World Briefs: Turkey's top brass meet to replace generals

Turkey's top brass meet to replace generals

ANKARA • Turkey's top military commanders met yesterday to replace almost half of their generals in a radical shake-up after a failed coup on July 15.

The meeting came after the government ordered the discharge of 149 generals - nearly half the armed forces' entire contingent of 358 - for complicity in the coup bid.


MH370 pilot's simulator 'used to plot course'

SYDNEY • A home flight simulator owned by the pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was used to plot a course to the southern Indian Ocean where the aircraft is believed to have gone missing, the Australian agency in charge of the search said yesterday.

But the Joint Agency Coordination Centre said the presence of the simulator data did not prove that the pilot had intentionally crashed the Boeing 777 plane.


Antibodies in lab mice may help fight Zika

WASHINGTON • US researchers have identified antibodies in lab mice that may be able to prevent infection with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, in what they described on Wednesday as a "significant step" towards a vaccine.

The research by the Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri shows how six antibodies interact with the virus, and that they are specific enough to Zika - and not other viruses - that they could be used in diagnostic tests, the researchers said.


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