World Briefs: Turkey stays firm on Russian arms deal

Turkey stays firm on Russian arms deal

ANKARA • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ruled out US demands that Turkey delay the purchase of an advanced Russian missile-defence system, and said Moscow may bring forward the delivery date from July.

"It is definitely out of the question for us to step back on the issue of S-400s; it is a done deal," Mr Erdogan said in a televised speech in Istanbul late on Saturday.

"Our deal was to have the S-400s delivered to us by July; they will probably bring that forward."


Swiss vote to toughen gun laws

GENEVA • The Swiss voted yesterday to toughen their gun laws and bring them in line with EU legislation, heeding warnings that rejecting the move could have threatened relations with the bloc.

Exit polls and preliminary results indicated majority support for reform. Projections by the gfs.bern polling institute show 66 per cent in favour of reforming gun laws.


17 hurt in blast near Giza pyramids

CAIRO • An explosion targeting a tourist bus injured at least 17 people near a museum being built close to the Giza pyramids in Egypt yesterday, two security sources said.

Most of those injured were foreign tourists, including South African nationals. There were no reports of deaths.

A witness, Mr Mohamed el-Mandouh, said he heard a "very loud explosion" while sitting in traffic near the site of the blast.


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