World Briefs: Three die in Aussie skydiving accident

Three die in Aussie skydiving accident

SYDNEY • Three people died yesterday in what is believed to be a mid-air skydiving collision, with one of the victims found in someone's garden. Two men in their 30s and a woman in her 50s were found dead at Mission Beach, south of tourist town Cairns. "Initial investigations indicate that a solo skydiver may have collided with tandem skydivers in mid-air with their parachutes failing to deploy correctly," the police said in a statement.


Swiss flush away millions of dollars in silver, gold

ZURICH • While London's sewers can get clogged with fatbergs made up of grease and diapers, it seems Switzerland's waste system is flecked with silver and gold. Researchers last year detected three tonnes of silver and 43kg of gold in effluent and sludge from wastewater treatment plants - valued at 3 million Swiss francs (S$4.15 million). But before people hunt in drains for jewellery, the study said the particles were likely to be from watchmaking, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.


Russia launches satellite to monitor atmosphere

MOSCOW • Russia yesterday launched a European satellite dedicated to monitoring Earth's atmosphere, live footage from the cosmodrome showed.

The Sentinel-5P is the first satellite dedicated to monitoring the atmosphere for Europe's Copernicus project, a joint initiative of the European Union and the European Space Agency to track environmental damage and aid disaster relief operations.


Croc 'likely' killed elderly Australian woman

SYDNEY • A crocodile is "highly likely" to have killed an elderly woman who wandered away from her aged-care home on Australia's north-east coast, the police said yesterday. Clothing and a walking stick belonging to 79-year-old Anne Cameron were found with human remains by a creek near Port Douglas on Thursday.


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