World Briefs: Syrian military jet crashes, 31 killed

Syrian military jet crashes, 31 killed

BEIRUT • A Syrian military aircraft crashed while on a bombing run over the rebel-held north-western town of Ariha yesterday, leaving at least 31 people dead.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was not immediately clear how many of the dead were from the crash and how many from the prior bombardment.


Illegals: Britain to get tough with landlords

LONDON • Britain promised new measures yesterday to crack down on illegal immigrants by making landlords evict them, amid the Calais migrant crisis.

Landlords in England who do not remove people with no right to remain in Britain, or do not check their immigration status before renting them a property, could be jailed for up to five years.


UN nod for sustainable development agenda

UNITED NATIONS • The United Nations' 193 member states agreed on Sunday on an agenda for the world's sustainable development over the next 15 years that pledges to leave no-one behind and is now due to be formally adopted by world leaders at a summit in September.

Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's Chef de Cabinet Susana Malcorra described it as "historic" but warned that the work ahead is immense.


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