World Briefs: Student protests in South Africa escalate

Student protests in South Africa escalate

JOHANNESBURG • Student protests in South Africa have spread, with police firing rubber bullets at demonstrators on campuses in Johannesburg and Grahamstown as unrest over tuition fees roils universities across the country.

The University of Johannesburg has seen violent clashes between students demanding free tuition and security guards, while police in Grahamstown have arrested at least 11 Rhodes University students.


US teen kills father, then injures 3 at school

CHARLESTON • A 14-year-old South Carolina boy shot and killed his father and then drove to an elementary school where he wounded two children and a teacher with a handgun before being tackled and held by a firefighter.

Police said the teen fatally shot his father and then drove a pickup truck about 3km to Townville Elementary School, where he crashed into a playground fence.


Pokemon Go makers sued over beach hordes

THE HAGUE • The Dutch authorities are taking the US makers of Pokemon Go to court after the company failed to act on pleas to stop hordes of fans from flocking to protected beaches.

Thousands of fans have been crowding the windswept beaches of Kijkduin where hundreds of the game's cartoon monsters spawn daily. The inundation of players has triggered concern for the protected dunes along the beaches.


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