World Briefs: Soldiers with ISIS links to be sacked

Soldiers with ISIS links to be sacked

KLUANG • Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has warned that armed forces (ATM) personnel will be immediately dismissed and arrested if they were found with Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) links.

"The Religion Corps (Kor Agama) has been ordered to find a new method to curb the spread of extremism among ATM personnel," he said yesterday, according to the Malay Mail.

More than 100 Malaysians have been detained over their links with ISIS.

ISIS gaining ground in Afghanistan: UN

UNITED NATIONS• ISIS is making inroads in Afghanistan, winning over a growing number of sympathisers and recruiting followers in 25 of the country's 34 provinces, a United Nations (UN) report said on Friday.

The militant group has been trying to establish itself in Afghanistan, challenging the Taleban on their own turf.

Afghan security forces told UN monitors that about 10 per cent of the Taleban insurgency are ISIS sympathisers.

The Taleban aim to appear as a bulwark against ISIS' brutality and as a legitimate group waging an Islamic war.

Earlier this month, they condemned a video that apparently showed ISIS fighters blowing up blindfolded Afghan prisoners.


China to promote equity crowdfunding

BEIJING • China will promote greater use of equity crowdfunding for start-ups to encourage entrepreneurship in the world's second-largest economy, a Cabinet document said yesterday.

China's leaders have repeatedly said they want to promote more entrepreneurial activity in the state-dominated economy to stimulate employment, but have until now refrained from showing enthusiastic support for crowdfunding. The document gave no details about addressing risks but promised that the government would grant easier market access to start-ups by cutting red tape.


Ukraine bans major Russian airlines

KIEV • Ukraine has said it will ban Russian airlines from flying into the country as part of sanctions over Moscow's support for rebels in the east. The measures would take effect on Oct 25 and would include major Russian airlines Aeroflot and Transaero.

The ban also prohibits Russian cargo airlines from flying over Ukrainian territory while carrying hardware or troops, further limiting Russia's options for projecting power towards the Mediterranean or the Middle East. The ban was a bold jab at Russia from Ukraine, which is usually at the receiving end .


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