World Briefs: Saudi Arabia to issue tourist visas next year

Saudi Arabia to issue tourist visas next year

DUBAI • Saudi Arabia aims to start issuing tourist visas to foreigners next year, a senior official told CNN, as the government seeks to open up the kingdom and find new sources of revenue to diversify its economy.

At present, foreigners travelling to Saudi Arabia are largely restricted to resident workers and their dependents, business travellers, and Muslim pilgrims who are given special visas to travel to holy sites.

"The targets are people who want to come and literally experience this country, and really the grandness of this country," said Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, head of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Natural Heritage.


Object spotted not missing submarine

BAHIA BLANCA (Argentina) • An object detected by a US Navy plane near the area where a missing Argentine navy submarine sent its last signal last week turned out not to be the missing vessel, a US Embassy spokesman said yesterday. The object was spotted during a flight by the P-8A Poseidon, taking part in the huge sea-and-air search for the ARA San Juan.

The submarine was travelling in the South Atlantic with a crew of 44 and last transmitted a signal on Nov 15.


Bread that is hopping with goodness?

HELSINKI • Finnish bakery and food service company Fazer launched yesterday what it said was the world's first insect-based bread to be offered in stores.

The bread, made from flour ground from dried crickets as well as wheat flour and seeds, contains more protein than normal wheat bread.

Each loaf contains about 70 crickets and costs €3.99 (S$6.40), compared with €2 to €3 for a regular wheat loaf.


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