World Briefs: Pope says fake news is satanic, condemns use

Pope says fake news is satanic, condemns use

VATICAN CITY • Pope Francis yesterday condemned fake news as satanic, saying journalists and social media users should shun and unmask manipulative "snake tactics"that foment division to serve political and economic interests.

The first document by a pope on the subject was issued after months of debate on how much fake news may have influenced the 2016 US presidential campaign and the election of President Donald Trump.


How many toes on a horse? More than you

PARIS • Seabiscuit, Secretariat and every nag to ever pull a plough had five toes on each foot, says a study released yesterday that stomps on the notion modern horses have only one toe per foot.

Scientists have long assumed that horses, zebras and other equines gradually lost their digits over millions of years of evolution until all that was left - uniquely among mammals - was a great big middle toe ending in a hoof.

That assumption is at least partially wrong, according to the study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.


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