World Briefs: Police hold suspect after knife attack

Police hold suspect after knife attack

MUNICH • A man injured four people with a knife in the German city of Munich yesterday, and police held a suspect matching descriptions by witnesses.

People were urged to stay home after a man on a black bicycle injured the four and tried to stab two others. Police have ruled out religious or political motives behind the attack, adding that the man could have mental issues.


Trio arrested after shooting

MIAMI • Three men were arrested after a shooting following a speech by white supremacist Richard Spencer at the University of Florida.

The authorities said the trio last Thursday threatened anti-racism protesters before one of them pulled out a gun and shot at the group but missed.

The three have been charged with attempted murder.


Govts should not dictate clothing'

OTTAWA• Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last Friday said governments should not tell women what to wear or what not, after Quebec passed a law last week banning face coverings for people giving or receiving provincial government services.

The law will take effect by July 1 in the mainly French-speaking Canadian province.

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