World Briefs: Pension overhaul for Indian army veterans

Pension overhaul for Indian army veterans

NEW DELHI•  Three million Indian army veterans won a decades-long battle yesterday to change the way their pensions are calculated.

The current pension scheme is based on the salary of armed forces personnel when they retire.

They argue that this leaves them vulnerable to inflation eroding their livelihoods.

Under the newly agreed "One Rank, One Pension" deal, former servicemen will now receive a pension based on 2013 salaries, to be re-fixed every five years, irrespective of when they retired.


13 militants killed a day after Tajikistan attacks

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan•  Thirteen militants were killed yesterday in Tajikistan, a day after their group allegedly carried out deadly attacks on police, the interior ministry said.

The operation by the army and police followed attacks last Friday that killed eight policemen and nine militants and which the government said were orchestrated by former deputy defence minister Abduhalim Nazarzoda.


Bersih clean-up bill sent to wrong house

PETALING JAYA • The RM65,000 (S$21,600) clean-up bill slapped on Bersih 4 organisers has reached the wrong house.

It was sent to an address which was a dilapidated two-storey house in a residential area.

A new bill is being sent to the correct address.


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