World Briefs: Panama's 83-year-old ex-dictator in a coma

Panama's 83-year-old ex-dictator in a coma

PANAMA CITY • Panamanian former dictator, Central Intelligence Agency spy and convicted cocaine trafficker Manuel Noriega was in a coma after a haemorrhage from an operation to remove a benign brain tumour, representatives for the 83-year-old said.

"He has a major brain haemorrhage and is in serious condition," daughter Lorena Noriega told reporters outside the Santo Tomas hospital where he had surgery on Tuesday, describing his state as "critical".

He underwent a second operation that stopped the bleeding, lawyer Ezra Angel said, adding that his client was in an induced coma.


Defamed refugee cannot blame Facebook

WUERZBURG (Germany) • A German court has rejected a temporary injunction against Facebook in a case brought by a Syrian refugee who sued the website for failing to remove faked posts linking him to crimes and militant attacks.

The Wuerzburg district court said in a preliminary ruling on Tuesday that Facebook is neither a "perpetrator nor a participant" in what it said was "undisputable defamation" by Facebook users, but simply acting as a hosting provider that is not responsible for pre-emptively blocking offensive content under European law.


Four killed in US after train hits bus

BILOXI (Mississippi) • A freight train slammed into a charter bus at a railroad crossing in Biloxi, Mississippi, killing four people on the bus and leaving dozens injured, officials said.

They added that the bus, which originated in Austin, Texas, and was heading to a casino, stopped on the tracks for an unknown reason. Witnesses told local television station WLOX that it got stuck.

Biloxi city spokesman Vincent Creel confirmed the crossing had signs warning of its low ground clearance, which means a large vehicle could potentially become lodged on the tracks.


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