World Briefs: One killed in twin blasts in north-east China

One killed in twin blasts in north-east China

BEIJING • Twin blasts rocked a high-rise in north-east China yesterday, killing one person and injuring another in an incident being treated as a criminal case.

The first blast happened at 3.13pm. The fire brigade received a report of a car explosion in an underground garage of the Wanda Plaza in Changchun.

Three minutes later, a second explosion occurred in an office on the 30th floor of the complex.

The Changchun government said a criminal investigation has begun.


Turkey to set up security zone in Syria

ISTANBUL • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday said Turkey expected a security zone to be created in Syria in a few months, as the United States withdraws militarily from the war-torn country. US President Donald Trump has proposed setting up a 30km safe zone along the border, but has not given any details. Turkey intends to set up a 32km zone that will keep the militia of the Kurdish People's Protection Units, deemed a terror group by Ankara, away from its border.


Crocs make way for access to world's tallest statue

AHMEDABAD (India) • Indian foresters have begun relocating around 300 crocodiles to allow a seaplane service for visitors to the world's tallest statue, the newly erected 182m Statue of Unity.

The reptiles, up to 3m in length, are being lured into metal cages and moved elsewhere in the western state of Gujarat on the back of pickups.

A local forestry official said the instruction had come from the state government for safety reasons as "the tourist influx has increased".


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