World Briefs: No govt services, jobs if faces covered: Quebec

No govt services, jobs if faces covered: Quebec

QUEBEC CITY • The Quebec provincial legislature has barred people wearing face coverings from receiving public services or working in government jobs, a move that opponents criticised as unfairly singling out Muslims.

The law will prohibit public workers like doctors from covering their faces at work, and will effectively bar Muslim women who wear face veils from using public transportation or obtaining public healthcare services, although it will be possible to apply for exemptions.

Proponents said the legislation would ensure the state's religious neutrality.

Quebec's Minister of Justice Stephanie Vallee said it would foster social cohesion.


9-year-old dies after 145kg cousin sits on her

FLORIDA • A Florida woman is facing a murder charge after, the authorities say, she punished her nine-year-old cousin by sitting on her, causing the child to go into cardiac arrest.

Veronica Posey, 64, weighs 145kg - four times the weight of her cousin Dericka Lindsay.

Posey said Dericka had been misbehaving, so she decided to sit on top of the child as punishment last Saturday.

Minutes later, Dericka said she could not breathe. She was unconscious by the time Posey stood up, according to an arrest report.


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