World Briefs: Netanyahu sworn into Israel's new Parliament

Netanyahu sworn into Israel's new Parliament

JERUSALEM • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been sworn into Israel's new Parliament following his win in April 9 elections, and will seek to form a governing coalition in the days ahead.

He was among the 120 members of the Knesset, or Parliament, sworn in during an official ceremony on Tuesday.

Stormy sessions could be in store for lawmakers as they work to resolve key religious and state issues.


India braces itself for Cyclone Fani

BHUBANESWAR • India deployed emergency personnel yesterday and ordered the navy on standby as it braced itself for an extremely severe cyclonic storm barrelling towards the eastern coast.

Tropical Cyclone Fani, located in the Bay of Bengal and packing wind speeds up to 205kmh, is expected to make landfall at Odisha state tomorrow.


Scientists find antidote to box jellyfish sting

SYDNEY • Australian researchers believe they have found an antidote to a sting from the world's most venomous creature, the much-feared box jellyfish.

Researchers at the University of Sydney had been investigating how the venom is so deadly that one box jellyfish can kill 60 people. The sting can cause acute muscular pain, violent vomiting, feelings of "impending doom", strokes, heart failure and death within minutes.


UK govt willing to shift Brexit stance: Labour

LONDON • The British government has shown a willingness to explore changes to its position on Brexit, a Labour Party spokesman said, commenting on talks between ministers and the opposition party seeking a compromise on leaving the European Union.

Labour still needs to nail down the extent to which the government is prepared to shift its position on issues like Customs arrangements, single-market alignment and security, the spokesman told reporters yesterday.


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