World Briefs: Nato reaches out to 'valued ally' Turkey

Nato reaches out to 'valued ally' Turkey

ISTANBUL • Nato said yesterday that Turkey's membership was not in question and Ankara could count on its solidarity and support after last month's failed coup.

"Turkey is a valued ally, making substantial contributions to Nato's joint efforts," the military alliance said in a written statement.

It came the day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a visit to Russia to mend fences with Moscow, sparking speculation that Ankara's close ties with the West could be at risk.


Texas baby dies from Zika-linked defects

MIAMI • A baby born with brain defects caused by the mosquito-borne Zika virus has died in Texas, marking the US state's first Zika-related death, officials said.

Meanwhile, the number of locally transmitted cases in the Miami area jumped to 21, prompting Florida's governor as well as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to urge lawmakers to reconvene from their summer break and agree on a funding Bill for the outbreak.

The baby's mother had become infected with Zika while travelling in Latin America.


Woman accidentally shot dead by cop

PUNTA GORDA (Florida) • A woman was accidentally shot and killed in Florida by a police officer, in a role-play exercise at a citizens training academy meant to help members of the community understand law enforcement tactics.

The woman, Ms Mary Knowlton, 73, was shot on Tuesday during a role-play exercise intended to teach people how to make decisions when confronted with lethal force, the authorities said.


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