World Briefs: Migrants arriving in Spain by sea on the rise

Migrants arriving in Spain by sea on the rise

GENEVA • The number of migrants arriving in Spain by boat is surging, the United Nations said, adding that Spain has surpassed Italy as the top destination for Mediterranean crossings.

So far this year, 50,872 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe - fewer than half the number that made the treacherous journey during the same period of 2017, said the International Organisation for Migration yesterday. Spain has seen landings on its shores nearly triple, it added.


European court reads Russia the riot act

PARIS • The European Court of Human Rights yesterday condemned Russia for its treatment of 2012 protests by the Pussy Riot punk band in a Moscow cathedral, saying the band had been subjected to humiliating treatment and judged too severely.

Three activists were prosecuted in Russian courts for performing a "punk prayer" in Moscow's main Orthodox cathedral in protest against President Vladimir Putin six years ago. Two of them spent nearly two years in prison.


Las Vegas police release shootout video

LOS ANGELES • Las Vegas police on Monday released dramatic body camera footage of an officer firing through his own windshield as he drove in a high-speed shootout that left one homicide suspect dead.

The video clip of the incident shows the officer at the wheel grab his gun and pepper his windshield with bullets to stop the suspect driving ahead. The chase and shootout, which occurred on July 11, came after officers responded to an attempted murder call, police said.


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