World Briefs: London tube stalled as unions stage strike

London tube stalled as unions stage strike

LONDON • London braced itself yesterday for the second shutdown of the Underground within a month as trade unions staged a strike over plans to run tube trains all night on the weekends.

The walkout, which began at 6.30pm, will last until Friday morning, causing disruption for million.

Unions are locked in a bitter dispute with tube operator London Underground over plans to run trains through the night on Friday and Saturdays from Sept 12.


FDA nod for drug made with 3-D printer

WASHINGTON • The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug made with a 3-D printer, which are pills for treating epilepsy.

The Ohio-based company, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, said its system can produce doses of up to 1,000mg per tablet.

It said the product is a "porous formulation" that dissolves with just a sip of liquid, making it convenient for people who have trouble swallowing pills or for getting children to take medication.


Divorced Catholics 'not excommunicated': Pope

VATICAN CITY • Pope Francis has told priests to be more merciful to Catholics who have divorced and remarried outside the Church, saying they should not be treated as if they were excommunicated.

The delicate subject of how the Church should treat divorced Catholics will be a major issue at a meeting of world bishops in October.

Pope Francis said yesterday that it was particularly important for priests to be welcoming to the many children of such couples.


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