World Briefs: Jerusalem church reopens after protest

Jerusalem church reopens after protest

JERUSALEM • The church built at the site many see as the holiest in Christianity reopened yesterday after a three-day closure in protest over Israeli measures, a move that had left thousands of visitors locked outside.

Christian leaders decided to reopen the Church of the Holy Sepulchre after Israel on Tuesday suspended tax measures they oppose. A proposed law that would allow Israel to expropriate land sold by the church was also to be shelved.


German coalition's plan for fast Internet

BERLIN • People in Germany will acquire a legal right to fast Internet under a proposed coalition between Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats, the man likely to become Dr Merkel's top aide said in remarks published yesterday.

Both sides have agreed that if they take power jointly, they want to ensure all regions have access to high-speed Internet by 2025.

Mr Helge Braun, designated chancellery chief under the coalition, said in an interview with Bild newspaper that a "grand coalition" would create the legal framework for people to have a right to fast Internet.


Spice Girls to attend royal wedding: Mel B

LONDON • Nineties pop group Spice Girls has been invited to the wedding of Britain's Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle, according to band member Mel B. The singer told a US talk show that "us five Spice Girls" had all received invitations.


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