World Briefs: Jaguar in photo with Olympic torch killed

Jaguar in photo with Olympic torch killed

BRASILIA • A jaguar trotted out for the Olympic torch's passage through Brazil's Amazon was killed shortly afterwards when it escaped its handlers and threatened a vet, the Brazilian military said on Tuesday. The feline - whose species is the symbol of the Amazon - was shot dead in the northern city of Manaus on Monday soon after it was photographed with the torch passing by. An attempt to use tranquilliser darts on it failed.


Nearly 50,000 varsity students are homeless

LOS ANGELES • Nearly 50,000 students attending the largest public university in the United States are homeless and many more go hungry, according to a study made public this week.

The study, commissioned by California State University, which has 23 campuses across the state and some 460,000 students, shows that 8.7 to 12 per cent of its students are homeless, while 21 to 24 per cent lack a consistent food source.


Honduras mayor suspected of killing 5

TEGUCIGALPA • A mayor in Honduras suspected of involvement in the massacre of five people was arrested on Tuesday and is being held in the capital pending an investigation, police said.

Victor Meza, who runs the town of Reitoca, 40km south-west of the capital Tegucigalpa, was believed to have led a gang that carried out the killings that occurred last Sunday.


Debris on Australian island not from MH370

SYDNEY • A piece of debris that washed up on a remote island off Australia's south coast was ruled out as coming from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 yesterday.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is coordinating the search for the plane, examined the debris and dismissed it as being from the jet that vanished in March 2014 with 239 people on board.


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