World Briefs: Italy likely to hold elections in March

Italy likely to hold elections in March

ROME • Italy's Parliament will be dissolved between Christmas and the New Year, a parliamentary source said, opening the way for national elections in early March that look unlikely to produce a clear winner.

The most likely date for the vote was March 4, the source said on Wednesday, but added that March 11 remained a possibility, with a final decision due shortly. A national election must be held by May.


Doner kebabs survive EU vote on additives

STRASBOURG • Doner kebab vendors across Europe won a victory in the European Parliament when European Union lawmakers failed to outlaw additives regularly used to preserve taste and moisture.

The European Commission had on Wednesday proposed permitting the use of phosphates in frozen kebab meat to reflect current practice - a move which the Greens and Socialists had sought to block. Phosphates are theoretically banned in kebabs, but the rule is seldom enforced.

EU lawmakers on Wednesday backed the Greens and Socialists' motion by 373 votes for to 272 against. But it failed to pass as an absolute majority of all Parliament members, or 376 votes, was needed.


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