World Briefs: Istanbul nabs 50 in sweep targeting ISIS

Istanbul nabs 50 in sweep targeting ISIS

ISTANBUL • Turkish police have arrested around 50 foreign nationals in Istanbul in a sweep targeting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants suspected of involvement in the Ankara suicide bombings on Oct 10, reports said.

The nationalities of those detained and questioned by police were not indicated. The suspects were said to be preparing to travel to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said ISIS is the chief suspect in the double suicide bombing that killed 102 people at a peace rally in Ankara on Oct 10, in the deadliest attack in the country's modern history.


1 killed, 4 injured in US street festival shooting

MIAMI • A shooting at a zombie-themed street festival in the state of Florida in the United States has left one person dead and four others wounded, reports said.

The incident in downtown Fort Myers happened shortly before midnight last Saturday, according to the local NBC affiliate. The suspect is at large and a man suffering from a gunshot wound died at the scene, NBC2 News reported.

Four others were taken to hospital with injuries described as not life-threatening, it said. Fort Myers police confirmed on Twitter that they were investigating shots fired during the event known as ZombiCon, but did not provide more details.


Israel boosts security as violence continues

JERUSALEM • Israel pressed ahead with major security measures yesterday after five more stabbing incidents, while ultra-Orthodox Jews illegally visiting a West Bank holy site that was set ablaze last week were assaulted by Palestinians.

The incident at the holy site overnight and the stabbing attacks or attempts last Saturday came after more than two weeks of violence and unrest, raising fears of a full-scale Palestinian uprising.

Israel has set up checkpoints in areas where many of the knife attackers have come from and hundreds of soldiers have reinforced their patrols. But frustrated youths have defied efforts to prevent violence.


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