World Briefs: Improved Aids drugs raising life expectancy

Improved Aids drugs raising life expectancy

LONDON • Life expectancy for young HIV-positive adults has risen by 10 years in the United States and Europe, thanks to improvements in Aids drugs known as anti-retroviral therapy, researchers said yesterday.

This means many patients can expect to live as long as those without HIV, according to the study published in The Lancet medical journal.

The scientists said the improvements were likely to be due to the transition to less toxic medicine combinations, with more drug options for people infected with drug-resistant HIV strains.


Blogger guilty of playing Pokemon Go in church

MOSCOW • A Russian court yesterday gave a suspended jail sentence to a blogger who was detained after playing Pokemon Go inside a Russian Orthodox church last year.

Ruslan Sokolovsky was found guilty of inciting religious hatred after posting a video on YouTube, where he is seen playing Pokemon Go on his mobile phone in a church. In the video, Sokolovsky likens Jesus Christ to a Pokemon character and says he decided to play the popular game inside the church because he had seen a news report saying people who did so could be fined or jailed.


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