World Briefs: Haj crush toll calculated to exceed 2,000

Haj crush toll calculated to exceed 2,000

DUBAI • The deadly crush that occurred at the haj near Mecca last month killed at least 2,070 people, nearly triple the number accounted for in a death toll maintained by the Saudi authorities, a Reuters tally indicated on Thursday.

The figure, based on information provided by the state and religious authorities and local media reports in the home countries of the victims, would make it the worst such catastrophe to befall the haj since 1990.


Cyclone threatens Yemen and Oman

GENEVA • Cyclone Chapala is expected to hit the coast off Yemen and Oman on Monday. It may cause floods, landslides and infrastructural damage, the World Meteorological Organisation said yesterday.

It is expected to bring sustained winds of up to 230 kmh, equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. The United Nations agency was not aware of a tropical cyclone ever hitting Yemen before.


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