World Briefs: France to resume national service

France to resume national service

LONDON • France has announced a plan to bring back some form of national service for all 16-year-olds, with the aim of promoting a sense of national unity and social cohesion among young French citizens, the BBC reported.

French President Emmanuel Macron had introduced the idea in his presidential campaign, but some have objected to it, according to the BBC.

British spies knew about torture

LONDON • British spies were complicit in the mistreatment of hundreds of suspected militants by the United States after the Sept 11 attacks and involved in dozens of illegal transfers of suspects, two reports by parliament say.

The Intelligence and Security Committee found British intelligence officers were involved in incidents of mistreatment ranging from officers either witnessing torture first hand to passing on intelligence knowing it could be used in illegal interrogations.


Spain busts drug gang paid in bitcoin

MADRID • Police said yesterday they had busted a gang operating in Spain and the Netherlands that made new designer drugs including opioids ravaging countries worldwide and were paid mainly in crypto currencies, an emerging trend.


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