World Briefs: Five dead in shooting at Mexican music festival

Five dead in shooting at Mexican music festival

PLAYA DEL CARMEN (Mexico) • A shooting during a music festival at a Mexican beach resort on Monday left five dead, one of them a victim of a stampede as revellers fled in panic.

The gunman began firing when security guards prevented him from entering a nightclub.

Quintana Roo state governor Roberto Borge said the gunfire stemmed from "a personal conflict" between two individuals.


Antarctic research post closes for the winter

LONDON • A British research station on an Antarctica ice shelf is being relocated and shut down over the Antarctic winter between March and November, in case it floats off on an iceberg, the British Antarctic Survey said on Monday. Sixteen people who were due to stay will be moved out and seven of the station's eight modular buildings have been dragged by tractor 23km inland, away from two cracks in the ice.


German court rejects bid to ban far-right party

BERLIN • Germany's Constitutional Court has said the far-right National Democratic Party resembled the Nazi party, but ruled against a bid by Germany's 16 federal states to outlaw the party.

The court said yesterday the party's aims violated the Constitution but ruled that there was insufficient evidence it would ever wield power - a requirement under German law before a ban is possible.


Ukraine demands Russian reparations over MH17

THE HAGUE • Ukraine has filed a case at the United Nations' top court accusing Russia of sponsoring "terrorism" and demanding Moscow pay damages for the shelling of civilians and the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, officials said yesterday. It asked the court to order "full reparations" for the 2014 downing of the passenger plane and the shelling in certain towns in eastern Ukraine.


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