World Briefs: Ex-Bush aide is Trump's counter-terror adviser

Ex-Bush aide is Trump's counter-terror adviser

WASHINGTON • United States President-elect Donald Trump yesterday named Mr Thomas Bossert as his White House adviser on security and counter- terrorism issues. Mr Bossert was deputy homeland security adviser to former US president George W. Bush.


US tops global weapon sales list

WASHINGTON • The United States ranked first in global weapon sales last year, with sales of US$40 billion (S$58 billion), or half of all global arms agreements. Developing nations, led by Qatar, were the main customers.


Cheetahs in danger of becoming extinct

WASHINGTON • The fastest land animal, the cheetah, is sprinting to extinction, a new study says, with hunting and trafficking blamed for cutting the feline's numbers to just 7,100 in Africa and Iran.


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