World Briefs: EU, US to meet on airline security

EU, US to meet on airline security

BRUSSELS • A meeting between European Union and United States officials to discuss airline security and a possible extension of a ban on passengers carrying electronic devices bigger than mobile phones in aircraft cabins will take place tomorrow, a European Commission spokesman said yesterday.

The meeting was arranged during a phone call between US Homeland Security Department Secretary John Kelly and EU ministers on Friday.

The US has been mulling over increasing the number of airports affected by the ban to possibly include some European ones, prompting the EU to hold an extraordinary meeting of aviation security officials last week.


Cholera spreading in Yemen capital

SANAA • Yemen's Shi'ite Houthi rebels declared a health emergency in the capital Sanaa after thousands of people were infected with cholera, the Saba news agency reported.

Cholera has spread through all the city's districts, infecting 2,567 people, the rebel-controlled news agency said on Sunday.

The disease, transmitted by contaminated food and water, has claimed 116 lives in 14 provinces during the last two weeks, the Red Cross said in a statement.


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