World Briefs: Egypt sends up to 800 soldiers to Yemen war

Egypt sends up to 800 soldiers to Yemen war

SANAA • As many as 800 Egyptian soldiers have arrived in Yemen, Egyptian security sources said, swelling the ranks of a Gulf Arab military contingent which aims to rout the Iran-allied Houthi group after a five-month civil war.

It was the first reported deployment of ground troops there by Egypt, which has one of the Arab world's strongest armies. Four Egyptian units of between 150 to 200 troops, along with tanks and transport vehicles, arrived in Yemen late on Tuesday.


French PM says labour law to be revamped

PARIS • Prime Minister Manuel Valls said lawmakers would vote next year on reforms to simplify France's "overly complex" labour law and get more of the 3.5 million unemployed people back to work.

But the government faces an uphill struggle to convince unions and workers that the current code governing the labour market in the euro zone's second-largest economy needs to be shaken up.

Mr Valls said yesterday that the 3,000-page-long labour law was "at times unreadable" but promised that the proposed reforms would not affect France's sacrosanct 35-hour working week.

The main recommendation in the report is that companies must be able to negotiate with unions on certain crux issues such as working conditions or salaries.


Fugitive drug lord in Costa Rica?

MEXICO CITY • The Mexican authorities are probing an alleged tweet from the son of fugitive drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman that features a photo apparently showing him with his father in Costa Rica.

The tweet was posted Aug 31 from the account @AlfreditoGuzman, an official with the Attorney-General's Office said on Tuesday.

The face of a man with a moustache, who looks like Guzman, 58, head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, is only partially visible.


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