World Briefs: Delta sorry for booting family of four off plane

Delta sorry for booting family of four off plane

LOS ANGELES • Delta Airlines apologised for forcing a family of four, including two children, off a plane when they refused to give up their two-year-old son's seat.

Mr Brian Schear posted an eight-minute YouTube video on Wednesday, saying he and his family were forced to leave the plane when they turned down a Delta staff member's request to offer their son's seat to another passenger.

In the video, the staff member also threatened to send the parents to jail.

Delta denied that the plane was "overbooked", as reported earlier.


Czech PM to seek ouster of Cabinet rival

PRAGUE • Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka reversed his decision to resign yesterday, saying he would instead seek the removal of Finance Minister Andrej Babis, his main political rival, to end a dispute in the centre-left government.

Earlier this week, Social Democrat leader Sobotka had said he would resign along with his whole government in an attempt to dislodge Mr Babis, the billionaire head of coalition party ANO who has faced questions over his past business dealings.

Mr Sobotka changed his mind after President Milos Zeman indicated he would treat the resignation as Mr Sobotka's own, not that of the entire Cabinet, a stance that would have left Mr Babis in his post.


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