World Briefs: Bill to strip Turkish MPs of immunity

Bill to strip Turkish MPs of immunity

ANKARA • Turkey's Parliament yesterday approved a Bill to lift lawmakers' immunity from prosecution , a change that the pro-Kurdish opposition has warned could see its parliamentary presence all but wiped out.

In yesterday's third and final vote in a secret ballot, 376 MPs in the 550-seat Parliament backed the plan - a high enough level of support to change the Constitution directly without needing to hold a referendum.


Yellow fever in Africa 'not emergency'

GENEVA • Outbreaks of yellow fever in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo do not constitute a global health emergency, but require control measures and mass vaccination, said the World Health Organisation.

The two countries must step up surveillance efforts and carry out mass immunisation, WHO's emergency committee on yellow fever said at its first meeting on Thursday.


Mega tsunamis resculpted Mars

PARIS • Monster tsunamis caused by meteor impacts swept across the northern plains of Mars over three billion years ago, radically resculpting the edges of its ancient seas, said a study.

The findings by the Planetary Science Institute bolster the theory that massive floods 3.4 billion years ago turned the Red Planet's northern lowlands into a sprawling ocean.


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