World Briefs: Berlusconi found guilty of corruption

Berlusconi found guilty of corruption

ROME • A court in Naples has convicted media mogul and Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi of corruption, finding him guilty of bribing a senator to undermine the government of his long-time opponent Romano Prodi.

According to the verdict, he should be jailed three years and be banned from public office, but he will not serve the sentence as the statute of limitations on the case is expiring shortly. 


Uganda presidential hopefuls nabbed 

KAMPALA • Ugandan police yesterday arrested two top opposition leaders and presidential candidates hoping to challenge veteran President Yoweri Museveni in elections next year, police said.

Former premier Amama Mbabazi was arrested in central Uganda, while Mr Kizza Besigye, a Forum for Democratic Change party leader, was nabbed at his home just outside the capital Kampala. Both were held ahead of planned rallies.


Algeria mobilises army on ethnic strife 

GUERARA (Algeria) • Algeria was mobilising the army yesterday after 22 people were killed in the worst ethnic clashes between Berbers and Arabs in years, as more details emerged of the violence.

The fighting erupted late on Tuesday in the town of Guerara in the M'Zab Valley, a Unesco World Heritage site on the edge of the Sahara that has seen mounting tensions between the two communities.


Serbian war crimes suspect extradited  

ZAGREB • A Serbian war crimes suspect nicknamed "Captain Dragan" arrived in Zagreb yesterday from Australia to face allegations of torture and murder after battling extradition for a decade.

Dragan Vasiljkovic was a paramilitary commander from a Serbian rebel group that opposed Croatia's independence from Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

He is the first suspected war criminal that Australia has successfully extradited.


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