World Briefs: Bangladesh police arrest Islamist militant leader

Bangladesh police arrest Islamist militant leader

DHAKA • Bangladesh police said yesterday they had arrested an Islamist militant leader wanted in connection with the murder of a blogger and publisher.

Khairul Islam "directly took part" in the killings of blogger Niloy Chottopadhay and publisher Faisal Arefin Deepan last year, police said, two of the dozens of deadly attacks on secular activists and foreigners.


11,000 arrested in state of emergency in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA • The authorities have arrested more than 11,000 people since Ethiopia declared a state of emergency early last month amid violent protests, state TV said yesterday.

Ethiopia has been in political crisis for around a year with frequent outbreaks of violence as the authorities have brutally cracked down on anti-government demonstrators.


Suicide attack at Nato airbase in Afghanistan

KABUL • A Taleban suicide bomber dressed as a labourer blew himself up at the Nato airbase in Bagram, north of the Afghan capital Kabul yesterday, killing at least four people and wounding 18, officials said.

An official said the bomber managed to enter the heavily protected site, the largest US base in Afghanistan, and was in a queue with Afghan labourers when he detonated a suicide vest.


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