World Briefs : Argentinian sub imploded: US report

Argentinian sub imploded: US report

BUENOS AIRES • An investigation by the US naval office into the disappearance of Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan has revealed that the vessel imploded and sank at a speed of between 10 and 13 knots, killing all 44 crew immediately.

"The energy that the collapse released was equivalent to the explosion of 5,669 kilograms of TNT (explosives)," the report reads.


Paris jewel heist loot recovered

PARIS • All the jewels stolen from shops in Paris' landmark Ritz hotel have been recovered, a source close to the case has said.

Some of the loot was recovered on Wednesday after the arrest of three of the thieves as they fled the hotel and the rest was in a "bag seized yesterday by police".

The gems and watches stolen were thought to be worth over four million euros (S$5.3 million).


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