World Briefs: Aid groups suspend Mediterranean rescues

Aid groups suspend Mediterranean rescues

BERLIN • Aid groups Save the Children and Sea Eye yesterday said they were suspending migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean, citing security concerns after Libya barred foreign vessels from a stretch of water off its coast.

The announcement comes a day after Doctors Without Borders said it was halting the use of its largest boat in the area.

Tensions have risen since the Libyan navy last Thursday ordered foreign vessels to stay out of a coastal search-and-rescue zone, a measure aimed at non-governmental groups.


Iran lawmakers approve more funds for missiles

TEHERAN • Iran's Parliament yesterday approved more than US$500 million (S$680 million) in funding for the country's missile programme and foreign operations of the elite Revolutionary Guards in response to US sanctions.

The move follows a spike in tensions between Teheran and Washington since US President Donald Trump took office in January with a vow to get tough on the Islamic republic, which saw fresh sanctions imposed in July over the missile programme.


First woman Navy Seal trainee pulls out

WASHINGTON • The US Navy has announced that the first woman to begin the process for elite Navy Seal training has withdrawn herself from the applicants pool.

The woman, whose identity the Navy will not disclose, dropped out of a summer course for officers who want to be selected for the Seals.

She was the only woman in the pipeline.

Seal basic training, which lasts six months, is so arduous that 75 per cent of candidates drop out by the end of the first month.


Kuwait clears oil spill in southern waters

KUWAIT CITY • Kuwait will finish cleaning up a crude oil spill in the country's southern waters in the Gulf this week, a Kuwaiti newspaper report said yesterday, quoting the country's oil minister.

Mr Essam al-Marzouq told the al-Rai newspaper that no more patches of oil have been found and that Kuwait was working on clearing up those near the shore.

He did not give a reason for the spill.


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