World Briefs: ACT cancels entrance exam in S. Korea, HK

ACT cancels entrance exam in S. Korea, HK

SEOUL • The ACT college-entrance exam was cancelled yesterday for all test-takers in South Korea and Hong Kong in the latest example of how an East Asia cheating epidemic is roiling American higher education.

The incident marked the first known cancellation of the high-stakes exam for an entire country, according to ACT spokesman Ed Colby.

ACT Inc, the Iowa-based non-profit that operates the test, said it halted the test after discovering that it had been leaked in advance. The cancellation came only hours before students were to take the exam, which is used by most colleges in the United States to assess applicants.

Debris found off south Australia from MH370?

SYDNEY • Teams hunting for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 plan to examine debris found off Australia's south coast, suggesting that the wreckage of the plane that disappeared more than two years ago might be spread over almost 10,000km of ocean.

The item was found on a beach on Kangaroo Island in South Australia state, said Mr Dan O'Malley, a spokesman for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), on Friday.

The ATSB, which is leading the search for MH370, has received photographs of the debris and is making plans for a physical examination, Mr O'Malley said by phone on Friday.


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