World Briefs: Abbott says govt not for gay marriage

Abbott says govt not for gay marriage

SYDNEY • Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said yesterday his government would remain opposed to gay marriage during the current Parliament, but suggested the issue could be put to a popular vote after the next election.

Despite growing public support for same-sex marriage, with a poll last year finding those in favour of equal rights had reached a record high of 72 per cent, Australia has not yet legalised marriage equality.


Rights group votes to legalise sex workers

DUBLIN • Amnesty International has voted in favour of adopting a policy supporting the decriminalisation of prostitution in the face of intense criticism over the highly controversial move.

The decision was taken on Tuesday at the human rights group's International Council Meeting in Dublin by a majority of the 400 delegates from 70 countries.

But the organisation would not give a breakdown of the votes.



Man to connect ear grown on arm to Wi-Fi

SYDNEY • An Australian artist and academic plans to connect an ear, which he has been growing for years on his arm, to the Internet so people can hear and track his movements.

The project by a professor from Curtin University in Western Australia, known as Stelarc, is his latest in a series of artworks exploring the boundaries of blending robotics, prosthetics and the human body.

A miniature microphone with wireless Internet connection will be inserted into the "ear", while people will be able to track it through a GPS device placed on the body part.


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