World Briefs: 60 high-rises in UK deemed fire risk

60 high-rises in UK deemed fire risk

LONDON • The fallout from London's devastating tower block blaze continues, with the government announcing that 60 high-rises have failed safety tests, as an insurance body said it had warned officials of the fire risks.

The new figure is a significant jump from the 34 high-rise buildings in England deemed unsafe by the government last Saturday.

While many people have been able to remain in their homes despite the fire risk, thousands of residents from 650 flats in north London were evacuated on Saturday.


Mayors urge G-20 on climate change

PARIS • Dozens of city mayors from around the world - including Washington, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney - yesterday called on G-20 leaders to stick to their commitments on tackling climate change.

In a joint text distributed to media outlets worldwide and posted online, the C40 mayor group urged leaders from the Group of 20 "on behalf of the hundreds of millions of citizens that we represent... to deliver on your commitments to tackle climate change".


Western Wall: No mixed-prayers deal

JERUSALEM • Israel's government has cancelled a landmark deal to create a space for women and men to pray together at the Western Wall, angering activists who have fought for the change for years.

Women and men currently must pray separately at Jerusalem's Western Wall under strict interpretation of Jewish law.

The deal to alter rules at one of Judaism's holiest sites was called off following pressure from ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition.


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