World Briefs

Spike in malaria deaths

LONDON - The Ebola outbreak in Guinea may have led to 74,000 new cases of malaria going untreated, causing a spike in malaria deaths likely to be much higher than the Ebola toll, researchers said yesterday.

During the Ebola outbreak last year, visits to health centres in Guinea fell by 42 per cent in the worst affected areas as many people held back from seeking medical help from fear of contracting the disease, said a report published in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.


Tighter Dutch emission rules

AMSTERDAM - A Dutch court ordered the government to tighten greenhouse gas pollution rules to avert the threat climate change poses to citizens, a ruling that could embolden legal challenges by environmentalists across Europe. A district court in The Hague said the government of the Netherlands has the responsibility to protect its people from climate change. The ruling backed a suit brought by Dutch environmental group Urgenda Foundation, which represents 886 residents.


US fixing visa system woes

WASHINGTON - The United States has begun to fix a hardware problem that crashed its visa processing system, issuing 45,000 permits in the past day as it works through a big backlog. Some 33 embassies and consulates representing 66 per cent of normal capacity were now back online including Beijing, one of the biggest US missions.


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