World briefs

Syrian army advances

DAMASCUS - Syria's army has advanced west of the ancient city of Palmyra, reopening a key supply route for oil and gas to the capital.

Reports yesterday said the army had "intensified" its operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria group in Palmyra and the surrounding area.


'No war crimes' by Israel

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday insisted that Israel did "not commit war crimes" in last year's Gaza war.

His comment came as a response to a United Nations report alleging both Israel and Palestinian militants may have committed war crimes last year that caused "unprecedented" devastation and human suffering.


Berlin releases Al-Jazeera man

DOHA - Germany yesterday released Al-Jazeera correspondent Ahmed Mansour, who was arrested during the weekend at the request of his native Egypt, the Doha-based channel said.

Al-Jazeera welcomed the German decision, spokesman Hareth Adlouni said, adding that the prosecutor had dropped all charges against Mr Mansour, 52.


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