World Briefs: $2.1m fund to save Great Barrier Reef

$2.1m fund to save Great Barrier Reef

SYDNEY • Australia yesterday called on the world's top scientific minds to help save the Great Barrier Reef, offering A$2 million (S$2.1 million) to fund research into protecting the world's largest living structure.

The Unesco World Heritage-listed reef is reeling from significant coral bleaching due to warming sea temperatures linked to climate change.

The 2,300km-long site is also under pressure from farming runoff, development and predatory crown-of-thorns starfish, with experts warning it could be suffering irreparable damage.


US government shutdown looms

WASHINGTON • Chances of a United States government shutdown have grown as Republicans conclude they will be unable to pass a long-term spending Bill by the Friday deadline.

Republican leaders are now turning to a short-term funding measure in a bid to keep agencies open as talks continue, but Democratic leaders say they are unlikely to support any deal that does not protect young illegal immigrants.

Democratic leaders are demanding protections for the "dreamers" be part of any spending deal.


Early maturity spells danger for women

PARIS • Women who started menstruating at the age of 11 or younger, or entered menopause before 47, face a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a study published yesterday.

Miscarriage, stillbirth, undergoing a hysterectomy, and bearing children at a young age were also associated with elevated odds of cardiovascular problems later in life, researchers reported in the journal Heart.


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