World briefs

Bill may hinder nuke talks

TEHERAN - Iranian lawmakers unveiled proposed legislation yesterday that a top official said would protect the nation's nuclear interests, but which could become an obstacle in negotiations for a deal this month.

The Bill came after a top Iranian negotiator said the end-of-June deadline for a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is not sacred and extra time may be necessary.


Cleaner air 'to save 2m lives'

WASHINGTON - Cleaner air worldwide would save two million lives a year, and not only in the most polluted countries, a study released on Tuesday found.

The study published by Environmental Science and Technology found areas with dirtier air like China and India could save up to 1.4 million lives by meeting World Health Organisation pollution targets.


Ending abuse in UN work

UNITED NATIONS - To eliminate sex abuse from UN peacekeeping missions, the first major review of operations in 15 years recommends that countries which flout children's rights be barred from blue-helmet missions.

A panel headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta suggested troops from countries that flout the rights of children in armed conflict be excluded.


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