While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, Sept 8


Danger of miscalculation rising as direct result of North Korea, US warns

The danger of miscalculation turning the standoff with North Korea into a conflict is rising as a direct result of North Korea's efforts, a senior US administration official insisted.

The remarks came minutes after President Donald Trump reiterated on Thursday that the military option was open in dealing with North Korea, but he hoped he would not have to use it.

“I would prefer not going the route of the military but it’s something certainly that could happen. Our military has never been stronger,” the President told journalists in answer to a question on North Korea at a joint press conference with the visiting Emir of Kuwait.

“If we do use it on North Korea it’ll be a very sad day for North Korea.”

His remarks came a day after North Korea held a massive celebration in Pyongyang of its nuclear test last weekend, featuring fireworks and thousands of people, with speakers denouncing “the gangster-like US imperialists.”

Experts also believe North Korea is gearing up for another missile test in the very near future.


Donald Trump Jr says he wanted Russian dirt to determine Hillary Clinton’s ‘fitness’ for office

Donald Trump Jr told Senate investigators on Thursday that he set up a June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer because he was intrigued that she might have damaging information about Hillary Clinton, saying it was important to learn about Clinton’s “fitness” to be president.

But nothing came of the Trump Tower meeting, he said, and he was adamant that he never colluded with the Russian government’s campaign to disrupt last year’s presidential election.

In a prepared statement during an interview with Senate Judiciary Committee investigators, the younger Trump said he was initially conflicted when he heard that the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, might have damaging information about Clinton. Despite his interest, he said, he always intended to consult with his own lawyers about the propriety of using any information that Veselnitskaya, who has ties to the Kremlin, gave him at the meeting.


Amazon opens bidding to cities for US$5 billion 'HQ2', a second headquarters

Amazon.com said on Thursday it would build a US$5 billion (S$6.7 billion) second headquarters in North America, kicking off a competition between cities and states to offer tax cuts and incentives that could bring 50,000 new jobs.

The largest e-commerce company said it intended to create"HQ2", a headquarters that would be a "full equal" to its Seattle office, chief executive Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

The company wants a metropolitan area of more than a million people with an international airport, good education and mass transit.


Football: Premier League to close transfer window before 2018-19 season

English Premier League clubs voted on Thursday to shut the 2018 close-season transfer window before the start of the 2018-19 campaign.

Following complaints by managers that transfer activity disturbs their preparations, clubs will not be able to register new players after 1600 GMT on the Thursday (midnight on Friday, Singapore time) before the season starts.

The transfer window in Europe’s other major leagues runs until Aug 31, meaning clubs outside England could buy players from English top-flight teams after the new Premier League deadline.


That's a wrap: TV comedy Veep to end next year

The award-winning US TV comedy series Veep will end in 2018 after seven seasons, its star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and network executives have confirmed.

The show has garnered 12 Emmy awards, and Louis-Dreyfus, playing the hapless but ambitious politician Selina Meyer, has been named best actress in a comedy for the past five years running.

She is nominated again for an Emmy at an awards ceremony to be held Sept 17.