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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gestures during an interview with AFP in Paris on Oct 21, 2019.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gestures during an interview with AFP in Paris on Oct 21, 2019. PHOTO: AFP

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi slams 'unacceptable' violence in Hong Kong

China's foreign minister on Monday denounced the "unacceptable" violence by protesters in Hong Kong, saying they had been encouraged by "foreign forces".

"What is happening in Hong Kong today are in no way peaceful protests," Wang Yi said in an interview with AFP in Paris.

"It's violence pure and simple. These are unacceptable acts in any country," he added, accusing the protesters of attacking police and passers-by and paralysing transport.

Hong Kong has been riven by increasingly violent protests for more almost five months, with demonstrators demanding greater democracy and police accountability as violence spirals on all sides.


Facebook unveils fresh security measures for 2020 US elections

Facebook said Monday it was tightening its security for the 2020 US elections, with stepped up scrutiny of "state controlled" media seeking to manipulate American voters.

One of the new steps calls for labelling of messages coming from state-controlled media outlets, starting next month.

Facebook also said it would seek to curb the viral spread of misinformation by using a "pop-up" that will appear when people attempt to share posts on Instagram debunked by third-party fact-checkers.


Britain's Prince William worried about brother Harry after TV interview

Britain's Prince William is worried about his brother after Prince Harry and wife Meghan spoke out about their struggle to live under a global spotlight, the BBC reported on Monday.

The broadcaster quoted a palace source as saying there was a view that the couple were "in a fragile place". William was worried about his younger brother and hoping that they "are all right", the source said.

Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth's grandson, has issued a number of emotional statements in recent months condemning the behaviour of the tabloid press and launching legal action in response to what he has called "bullying" by some sections of the media.


Paris reveals golden Marianne logo for 2024 Olympics

The logo for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, depicting the Olympic flame within a gold medal, was unveiled in host city Paris on Monday.

The circular design with Paris 2024 in the art deco style which was in vogue in 1924 when Paris last hosted the Games, also incorporates the lips and outline of Marianne, the personification of the French Republic since the revolution in 1789.

"It is made up of three symbols, both simple and powerful," the organisers said in a statement.


World's loudest bird sings heart out in pursuit of love

Deep in the Amazon, a white-plumed suitor weighing no more than half a pound turns to face his paramour before belting out a deafening, klaxon-like call, reaching decibel levels equal to a pile driver.

Meet the white bellbird, which has just beaten out its rainforest neighbour, the screaming piha, for the title of the world's loudest bird, according to a paper published in the journal Current Biology on Monday.

The feat is all the more impressive given the species' diminutive size: they're about as big as doves, and the males are distinguished by a fleshy black wattle adorned with white specks that falls from the beak.